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March 5, 2008

Thats right, today we will be rocking out with the legends! As usual my enjoyment of the LMS articles, written by the world famous Steve “Kamiza” Garrett, has made my deck building juices come to a boil leading me to today’s article.* Today we will be looking at our legend filled curve and tomorrow the support to make it!


Of the great DCL teams, one of the most legend heavy teams is the JLA. Your first legend choice comes on turn 3. Both Hal Jordan and Batman make an appearance on turn 3. Each with its own legend support! Batman packs a bit more since he was served an extra helping in World’s Finest, but Hal received great card drawing engine. Card draw is really important to the JLA, it can feed awesome effects like Wonder Woman, AoP, as well as help you hit the limited amount of Legend support that you are running per character.

On 4 the legends continue, with the afore mentioned Wonder Woman. Her control feature is renowned, (“Go mystical yourself!”) and she received some great support in DCL. Barry Allen has been the subject of criticism in the past. His low defense has made many look over him. NOT SO FAST!!! His ability is amazing to see when you are facing down a Wolverine. He absorbs a little damage each turn with his ability, and advances JLA’s theme of keeping your opponents characters out on the field. Mix in his Legend support and he is quickly a force to be reckoned with! Last but not least is Aquaman… ok MAYBE least. Actually Aquaman was given a amazing location as well as a nifty rare Army character to trigger off his being around. Unfortunately he is normally the first guy dropped for consideration. Another unfortunate thing is that instead of being used, his Legend location was stolen and given to Bizarro who proved how useful it was.

On 5 we see the return of Batman, this time sporting a power up ability. Thats ok Bats, I will see you around in limited! Wally West makes his first Flash appearance here and he is packing a great ability in limited and useful ability in constructed. What more can I ask of Mr. West (No Not you Batman!) Oh how nice of you to trigger all the flash legend stuff as well! The true master of the JLA 5 drop spot is Superman. On theme, he gets bigger and bigger. Against swarm he can be the Wall you need to save you the game. Add in his legend PT and you have a Meat sack that just might make your opponent curse and throw his cards! (Its true, it happens)

Turn 6 sees the Face of Aquaman, this time rocking a great ability. In limited he is one of my goto guys, because digging a pump and possibly a late game drop or power up is great! as for the constructed, he has seen play for his ability to pump up a guy for the turn with just one battle training. Barry Allen shows his face again, and this time rocking a crazy Borken ability. Again Flash twists make his dangerous. Martian Manhunter finally pops his head up and he has a great on team ability. His legend support is fairly weak, but at least he is playable!

Turn 7 and which legend to choose? Wonder Woman again shows a control ability, and this time it is a complete lock down, but only on our attack step. This can win a game, and is worth considering. Hal shows his rare face, and it is full of exhaustion! Off initiative, I have seen opponent after opponent work around it. But in doing so they often have to swing into less desirable targets, here is looking to you Superman! Superman also looks to grab a spot on the roster again by making another great off initiative version.

Finally turn 8 belongs to the Martian Manhunter. He is concealed optional, so his ability may very well come into play, and he could win win you it himself.

Team of many Legends DECK!

Because we want to draw and cycle our deck ALOT the JLA will be calling in for back up, in this case Batman will be lending aid with his Gotham Knights, namely The Oracle. I briefly debated a Hal Jordan, plus recharge draw engine, but Resource row hate, and the likely hood that I could get it to go off regularly detracted me away from it. The early game is somewhat weak, from a combat perspective. The lack of solid 2 drops (I know that is debatable) encouraged the use of a large number of little guys. If we are running little guys, Alfred is amazing especially if you can trigger him twice. So here are our little guys

1 Drops

4*Alfred Pennyworth, Faithful Friend

1*Harvey Bullock, Bishop

1*Harvey Bullock, Gothem Central

4*Lady Blackhawk, Zinda Blake

2*Ray Palmer<>The Atom, World’s smallest hero

For love of the 1 drops, we don’t play any 2 drops

Turn 3 we want out Card drawing engine online. The JLA starts with a little information brokering with Babs. Should she not be on time, The Bats can do some snooping around. (It is odd how a lady in a wheel chair manages to be late to her computer that is in her room. But she does look good while she gathers information and I suppose that is what really matters) Fortunately, When Babs does show up she can start her work immediately.

3 Drops

4*Barbara Gordan<> Oracle, Hacker Elite

2*Batman, Founding Member

Turn 4, The JLA makes the choice of who is going in based on the information provided by Babs. If it is a swarm, or concealed deck that they face the JLA looks to Barry Allen to lead things off. His ability to absorb damage and slow guys down (Get it he is the flash) later will pay back dividends in the late game. In curve to curve match ups, or in a match up where The JLA feels her particular talents are needed they send in the ambassador of Peace, the Wonder woman. If they have the preferred initiative then she can be a solid play even in the back up spot. On Odds the JLA wants to drop Barry Allen at all costs!

4 drops

3*Barry Allen<>The Flash, Crimson Tornado

2*Wonder Woman, Ambassador of Peace

Now its time for the JLA to bring in the big guns. Turn 5, Superman is simply amazing. HUGE body, flight, and Range. Thats all without Indestructible (There is a sneak peek at you will see tomorrow)! Wally will be there just in case the JLA perceives a hidden threat that must be dealt with. In most cases, Supes will be showing up at any rate!

5 Drops

3*Superman, Metropolis Marvel

1*Wally West<>The Flash, Keystone Cop

Now it is the choice, to send in Martian Manhunter to help support the team off initiative, or Send in Barry Allen to, HOPEFULLY finish off the opposing threat. If they have evens Barry is the better drop. It can hurt to KO your 4 drop to your 6 drop, but if you can win with a double swing then it is worth it. The JLA must calculate this decision!

6 Drops

2* Barry Allen<>The Flash, Founding Member

1* Martian Manhunter, Founding Member

If it has evens the JLA should have won on turn 6, if it has Odds then they should rely on their only real closer on 7. And That spot belongs to the one and only Wonder Woman. Her ability to lock down Plot twists During your attack step means that there aren’t going to be too many surprises while you are swinging. Hopefully you can get them down to the negatives.

7 Drops

1*Wonder Woman, Founding Member

31 Characters later we have the making of an amazingly strong curve. While the characters have insane abilities in and of themselves, when we add support tomorrow we will be able to she where the real power of the JLA comes from!

Thanks for tuning in, and make sure to keep grazing the Realms and other blogs for more VS goodness! Last thing before I go…

I am hoping to get guest articles up! If you would like to write an article, I would love to post it! I am hoping to do a Guest article a week called GC presents. You don’t have to contribute at any regular rate, but if someone wanted to become a permanent fixture that would be fine as well, just let me know at my PM box on my “handle” is… Drum roll… Grazing cattle!

Alright kids, Thanks for reading and please leave a comment if you enjoyed your visit, your hands won’t explode if you do!

*Where was yesterdays article you ask? I wrote it and didn’t get a chance to post it before work, so here it is!

Don’t forget!

March 3, 2008

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Crouched at the starting line!

March 3, 2008

Welcome to my inaugural edition of Just grazing. From here on out I will be chewing the cud on the card game  called VS. Hopefully with 10% less alliteration.

 The plan is to, during the week, keep you up to date on everything VS I can think of.  I may be posting on the weekends but for the most part, tune in Monday through Friday.  I will be having a deck of the week, maybe more depending on what I see that comes up, Set reviews (I may start w/ DCL and work my way forward) when something nice and new comes out, and all the random musings you can handle (For instance, don’t you think VS is like a Banana split?). With that all being said lets get right into today’s meat!

 Banana Split (Ya, my first random musing)


One of the reasons a banana split tastes SO good is that there are so many flavors that you don’t get bored. 3 different scoops of ice cream, bananas, fudge, nuts  and a cherry on top. VS is a lot like that banana split.  The core of the enjoyment for many players is the game its self (I bet you didn’t think you would be receiving such shocking revelations from mere mortal man today did you?). Built to be a strategic game, it still captures our youthful vigor when we see our Comic book heroes and villains duking it out! This is the reason that the game is the ice cream. For some the intricate interactions and crazed card combos are what they play for, for others just seeing Super Man attack into Darksied is joy enough. See, like a Banana split, not everybody likes the same 3 scoops.

So at the base we have ice cream, which is the Game itself. The next thing you need is a Banana. Oddly enough Bananas are the one thing about VS you have little control over. They are the guys sitting across the table. I am newer to the game (Thanks MVL) but I have heard that there was a time when VS had a bad name because its players  could be rude and elitist. Fortunately there has been a drastic change. However much like in real life, if you don’t like Bananas, or the people you play with, you don’t order a banana split. You go and have its predecessor orange sherbet. But guess what… NOTHING beats a Banana split.

 As for the rest of the Split, it is just toppings scattered to desire.  Each time you order it, it tastes a bit different. Even if you grow tired of the sweets for a little while, you will be back. Even after you have a belly ache from the Mega weekend, next HL you think about attending and grabbing just 1 or 2 scoops.

Whew! first musing out of the way.


 I will be adding helpful road signs like the one above for those with short attention spans. (like me!)

Content will be added daily, so make sure to check in daily. Feel free to leave a comment, because I won’t give you dysentery if you comment.

 Grazing cattle, Quelling your fears and preaching the word one blog entry at a time.